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USCIS-Approved center for all your
I-693 medical examination for Immigration/Green Cards Since 1997...

I-693 Exam Prices

All prices as listed below are subject to change without notice.


Special Price: (If you are 15 year & Over):

includes 2 visits to finish necessary paperwork, examination, tuberculosis skin test, blood test for syphilis, urine test for gonorrhea and one sealed envelope for INS and a copy of complete examination including immunization page for your record. It may cost you extra in time and money if some of your test results are abnormal.



Special Price: (If you are under 15 yr of age): includes 2 visits to finish necessary paperwork, examination, tuberculosis skin test, one sealed envelope for INS and a copy of complete rxamination including immunization page for your record.

Vaccine Prices:

It varies depending on vaccine (s) required as above. Please bring in what ever immunization records you may have. Our doctors will review your records, and make recommendations about vaccine(s) you need to meet the minimum INS requirements. Then you have the option of obtaining these vaccine thru our clinic, local health dept or any other doctor of your choice. Certain vaccines for children are provided at no cost except $30-35 administration/injection fee per dose. We also carry the other required vaccines at competitive price for your convenience.

Our current Prices for certain vaccines are as below:

$82 for Tdap/Td Vaccine unless you have a proof of receiving this in last 10 years.

$96 for MMR vaccine (no need for this vaccine if you have positive antibody screen)..needed if you are born after 1957 and you do not have proof/record for it.

$41 for Flu vaccine...If exam is done during flu season (between SEP 1st thru MAR 31st)

$102 for Pneumonia vaccine...proof required if you are 65 & over or advised by doctor.

$141 for Varicella (Chiken pox) vaccineif you do not have prior history of chicken pox disease or do not have proof for receiving vaccine (2 doses) in past or your antibody screen is negative.

$34 if you choose to get Varicella blood test, hope it to be positive to avoid getting this vaccine.

You may choose to have blood tests to prove that you have enough antibodies to avoid getting certain vaccines. We offer the blood test for anti-bodies against the varicella (chicken pox) ($34), measles, mumps, rubella $81), & hepatitis B. Please discuss with doctor during your visit.

Extra cost

It may cost you more if some of your test results come back abnormal which may require additional evaluation (You can discuss further when you see doctor)

Dhiren N. Ajudia, MD has been approved by USCIS/INS to perform medical examinations for U.S. immigration dept, commonly known as I-693 forms. We have been doing these type of examinations since 1997. We are very skilled in following INS requirements and then give you a properly completed examination in sealed envelope for INS and a copy of immunization page for your own records.
Ling Tan, MD has been at this clinic for a number of years, and recently she has received an approval by USCIS in 2007 to perform these (I-693) examinations as well.

The clinic has been providing primary and preventive health care to local communities since 1986. Our physicians with 15+ years of experience in direct medical care are available six days a week to provide Primary Care / General Family Practice Care for Adults.


For Appointments:

Call (425) 255-0055 to see if you can be seen today.

At 148 Park Ave North, Renton, WA 98057